Excel Engineering Consultants is soliciting a civil engineer proficient in Land Development Projects and having completed more than 15 projects.

If you are looking for full time, part-time, contract, or even if you are just looking to make a little extra money on the side check this out. Do you have experience preparing stormwater management reports, designing drainage systems, grading plans, water distribution and wastewater collection systems?

Have you completed enough of these to be proficient……say 15 or more?

You don’t have to be a PE. You just have to know how to do these types of projects and show us with experience.

Of course, we expect that you will be proficient at MS Word Office applications (Word and Excel), ICPR, EPA- NET and have good communications skill (verbal and written) in English. If you know AutoCad it will be a plus.

We are willing to pay a fair price for good people. So even if you are happy doing this at another firm, you can make some extra Money on the side and work for us as a sub in strict confidence.

Here is all you need to do. Send us a resume in MS Word format. In the cover email provide us with a summary of who you are and what you are about and let us know what category you fit in…….full time, part-time, or sub. If you don’t do this step then I’ll know that you did not pay attention.

We can talk about all of the details when we meet. Look forward to hearing from you.