Civil Engineering has a long history of excellence and longevity. When you consider the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Aqueducts, the Panama Canal and the Channel Tunnel, you understand the magnitude and statement that a Civil Engineering project can make. All of these projects took great vision, long term planning and a great amount of teamwork to make them happen.

We take these tried and proven methods to make your land development project successful. In order to achieve a successful project, teamwork is extended with the local, state and federal regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction in the project. We strategically communicate the vision, goals and objectives of the project to the regulatory agencies. This allows any permits to be obtained with greater ease and speed. We treat each project as a mission to be accomplished and the prize a satisfied client.

Our land development projects stand in the shadows of the great feats of civil engineering. What we do as engineering consultants, day in and day out, may not be as grandiose as these works. However, it has many of the same attributes of vision, leadership and teamwork that provides a service and benefit to society.

What we do in large part goes unnoticed. The vast underground network systems for drainage potable water distribution, sewage collection, pumping stations, roads and bridges that we develop in Orlando, Florida, largely go unnoticed. These Civil Engineering Projects just work and nobody thinks about it much. The roads, bridges and transportation intelligence that we use every day have, as Civil Engineers in Orlando, become mundane feats of engineering that are not given a second thought by most of its users. There is rarely a sense of awe at all the envisioning, planning, teamwork, effort and excellence that goes into the accomplishment of these civil engineering projects.

At Excel Engineering we do not take our heritage as civil engineers lightly. We stand in the shadows of greatness and strive for excellence on every project. Taking the knowledge of civil engineering and assaging it in new and innovative ways to achieve the desired result. Always striving to fulfill our clients’ visions and goals in a cost effective and timely manner. Developing teamwork among all the team players, including:

  • Planners
  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Engineers

in the geo-technical, structural, mechanical, environmental and electrical disciplines. Additionally, we pull together compelling solutions that enable us to meet the project goals and get a permit while maximizing the value of the project.

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