Stormwater is water that essentially comes from all forms of weather (rain, melted snow) and has an acute tendency to flow across hard surfaces that don’t soak up water. These surfaces are commonly parking lots, roof tops, sidewalks, and streets. The trouble with stormwater arises from two issues:

  • If the actual volume of stormwater is too great, it can lead to flooding and other forms of water
  • Stormwater is notorious for carrying contaminants quickly and over a large area.

Some of the common pollutants in stormwater are heavy metals, debris, oils, bacteria, and harsh elements. It is difficult to treat stormwater before it enters bodies of water such as streams and lakes. It also has the chance of creating problems within cities’ wastewater treatment plants.

If stormwater isn’t moderated, it also contributes many problems because of its overwhelming volume. Streams, for example, have a certain amount of water they can manage. With an excess of stormwater, natural drainage ways become eroded, banks and bottoms are worn away, and the natural habitat of wildlife is harmed.

It is important for every project to develop stormwater pollution prevention plans. These control measures will benefit the area of land development in the long run. Many times, these construction projects are required to have a Construction Stormwater General Permit, but it is also up to the individual to execute a strategy to control stormwater on their site.

Stormwater management has to be an ongoing topic of importance for land planning and development in Orlando, especially for bigger projects such as apartment complexes and assisted living facilities. These developments take far larger amounts of planning and time. It requires well-conceived execution to be able to manage stormwater, especially here in Florida.

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