While treating wastewater around the world is imperative for preserving our most precious commodity, wastewater is also being directed as an excellent alternative energy source. This is important because of the fact that most forms of electricity ultimately have a negative impact on the environment and require special considerations.   The following fact is from a study called the State of Science Report: Energy and Resource Recovery from Sludge-“sewage contains 10 times the energy needed to treat it”.  In this regard, it is possible to actually recover energy from sludge.

Along with sludge, wastewater plants process biosolids, which alone have a number of benefits.  Nutrient-rich organic materials have numerous applications, such as being used as an excellent fertilizer. The purpose of effective management of wastewater is to not only treat and distribute usable water for  usable purposes (reuse), but to strategize ways of how sewage, sludge, and biosolids can be recycled for a number of purposes.

Here are some ways these technologies are being used around the world (According to a study by the Water Environment Research Foundation):

•    Thermally dried biosolids substitute for 5-10% of coal used to fuel a cement kiln in Maryland
•    Watsonville, CA uses restaurant grease to increase sludge digester gas production by over 50%.
•    In 2005 in the U.K., waste (including sewer sludge) combustion and biogas production accounted for 10.8% and 4.2% respectively of all UK renewable energy.
•    Stockholm’s energy company uses heat recover pumps to extract heat from treated sewage to provide hot water and heating to 80,000 apartments.
•    The Sewerage Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government turns dewatered sewage sludge into fuel charcoal for thermal power generation.

We in the United States live in a society where we nonchalantly water our lawns when it isn’t necessary, leave sinks running while we brush our teeth, and buy millions of water bottles that have lower health regulation standards than many municipalities’ tap water.  Though it’s hard to move away from a lifestyle that is so rooted in our daily activity, there is a dire need to re-evaluate the necessity of efficient Florida wastewater management if our water consumption should find itself limited.

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